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Our History

Where we invite you to journey through the cherished past of our beloved Folkston, immersed in the captivating tale of Dixie—a true local with an unyielding devotion to her community. Born and raised right here in Folkston, her heart beats to the rhythm of this enchanting town.

Our story begins in 1929, when the building itself took shape, standing tall as the Folkston Grain and Grocery, one of the treasured general stores that graced the town’s landscape. Offering a plethora of goods, from the essentials of grocery items and fresh meats to the practicality of hardware, lumber, and even livestock feed, this establishment quickly became the pulse of the community—a one-stop haven for all their weekly supply needs.

In those bygone days, before the shadows of World War II loomed large, most folks in Charlton County resided on sprawling farms beyond the town’s borders. Every week, families would hitch their trusty horses or mule-drawn wagons, embarking on a day-long pilgrimage to town in search of provisions. These were more than mere errands; they were joyous celebrations of kinship, lasting well into the night, as folks gathered ’round, reconnecting with cherished friends and kin. The stores, understanding the importance of these communal gatherings, kept their doors open long after sundown, ensuring every soul felt the warm embrace of their beloved community.

It was in the late 1960s that Shorty Mizell, Dixie’s dear father, acquired this very building, injecting it with new life and purpose as Shorty’s Farm Supply—a thriving, fruitful enterprise. Dixie, a vivacious spirit nurtured by her father’s side, imbibed the essence of the business, learning its inner workings and forging her path as a capable entrepreneur. As fate would have it, upon her graduation from the revered halls of Folkston High School, Dixie found herself at the helm of the family business, shouldering its responsibilities when her father fell ill after a heart attack. She proved her mettle, ensuring the business thrived without missing a beat, and she continued to stand side by side with her father until his passing in 1984.

With Shorty’s absence leaving a void in their lives, Dixie and her loving partner, Jim, stepped forward to carry on the legacy they held dear. They purchased the building from Dixie’s mother, embracing their own path and breathing fresh life into it. For years, the building embraced a new purpose, serving as a sanctuary for those needing the meticulous care of a small engine repair shop, supporting the community until 2010.

But the winds of change beckoned once more. In 2011, the building sat empty, yearning for a renaissance. Dixie, having previously established her own haven, Whistlin’ Dixie, in a smaller dwelling on the opposite side of the railroad tracks, saw an opportunity to spread her wings and expand her horizons. Guided by her unyielding Southern spirit and a burning desire to invest in their own piece of real estate, Dixie and Jim embarked on a noble journey of renovation, transforming the building into the resplendent gem that graces our town today.

With her soul deeply rooted in the charms of Folkston and an unwavering commitment to its prosperity, Dixie’s legacy shines as brightly as a summer’s day. We extend a heartfelt invitation to you, dear visitor, to wander through the corridors of time, stepping into the hallowed halls of our establishment—a true embodiment of Folkston’s soul and Dixie’s unwavering devotion to her beloved heritage.